"You may think you know New Zealand wines but I can assure you that until you have tasted Pyramid Valley, you have no idea. The results speak for themselves: astonishingly good, terroir-expressive wines that will challenge all your preconceptions.”

Lisa Perrotti-Brown
The Wine Advocate

We are delighted to share with you the wines you enjoyed at Pebble Beach and offer free ground shipping on all orders of three bottles or more placed following this event.

  • Pyramid Valley Botanicals Collection

    The pinnacle of our achievements at Pyramid Valley and since their release in 2006, have created a new dimension for fine New Zealand wine. They are wines that truly breathe of their place.

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  • Pyramid Valley Appellation Collection

    Our Pyramid Valley view of the three great South Island appellations of New Zealand - North Canterbury, Central Otago and Marlborough.

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Botanicals Collection

Appellations Collection